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The Secret Cities of Yemen

January 26, 2010

I know this doesn’t have much to do with nature, or saving the environment, or anything else we often post about here on The Word for World of Forest, but after coming across this article about the architecture of Yemen I just had to share. To call these cities breathtaking would be an understatement.  Having traveled (and lived) in some of the major cities of the United States, I feel confident in saying that none are as awe-inspiring as these cities in Yemen.  Someday I hope to see them for myself… in the meantime, enjoy this link… (trifter is a great site, by the way.)


10 Easy Ways to Save Water

January 22, 2010

Conserving water is more important than most people think… check out these helpful tips… though peeing in the shower?  ew.

Haiti continues to suffer

January 14, 2010

After shocks continue to plague Haiti. The death toll continues to rise and is around 100,000 people now. The question is who is running the country since much of the senate died in the quake? Truly the most surprising fact is that scientists warned the country of the quake. Schools were cancelled, but no one in the country side was warned.

Everyone is asking, why didn’t the whole country prepare considering the severity of the quake?

New reasons to always wear underwear!

January 11, 2010

A volunteer stands inside a body scanner during a demonstration at the TSA's integration facility in Arlington, Virginia, last month.

Those new machines at the airport seem harmless, but they do not tell you that someone is looking at you in your underwear! Talk about embarassing. Not only can the machines see beneath your clothes, but they can also store the images.

Privacy left the building a long time ago.

Killing the farmers of the world

January 6, 2010

So it has been a bit since I have made any updates.  Oops.

I just read this article on CNN. It talks about how farmers in India have been committing suicide for the past 13 years, and will continue to do so with the current situation. They are operating farms that cost more to run than they make, never allowing them to get out of debt. Sound familiar?!?! That is just like the meat industry in the US (Food,Inc.). Companies force expensive upgrades that never allow farmers to get out of debt.

Well, these farmers are hitting their limits and are committing suicide it is that bad. You have to admit it is insane that the very people who make it possible for all of us to eat are getting paid nothing, committing suicide, and living very meager lives.  We would all die if everyone decided to stop farming and chemical companies had their way of controlling all seed supplies and GMOing everything we eat.

One environmental activist claims the surge in suicides among India's farmers is related to a system of agriculture that has higher production costs than the farmer can cover with earnings.

The Top 20 Things We Throw Away (That We Shouldn’t)

October 15, 2009

Here’s a great list and some great tips.  A few I already do, a few others I need to work on!

Thing Twice Before Eating That Hamburger

October 7, 2009

E. Coli is more of a threat than you realize.  This article is more disturbing than expected…